books, 08 Apr 2018
science, 27 Jun 2017
Physics of Life 2017
Monsoon school on biology by [email protected]
programming, 27 Sep 2016
Vim for Writing
Extended configuration and plugins for improved experience
science, 11 Sep 2016
Overview of BOSC and ISMB, 2016
Impressions of my first conference attendance
science, 27 Aug 2016
programming, 22 Aug 2016
Open {data, science, source} -
First Chapter, Best Summer Ever!
programming, 26 May 2016
Quick Data Plotting in R - II
(more) Useful tips for exploratory data analysis
programming, 20 May 2016
Quick Data Plotting in R
Useful tips for exploratory data analysis
books, 17 Apr 2016
Review: The Inner Game of Tennis
Learn new skills by playing the inner game.
notes, 20 Mar 2016
Writing My Journal of *TILs*
A collection of Today I Learned objects
science, 02 Mar 2016
Metabolic Network Analysis - I
The Beginners’ guide
books, 18 Feb 2016
Review: Burmese Days
Orwell’s second book, his life in Burma
notes, 01 Feb 2016
How to give a good talk
A collection of useful comments
science, 19 Jan 2016
WikiProject article submission
Wikipedia article entry for ISCB competition
science, 15 Jan 2016
Notes from Systems Biology Winter School
A comprehensive and thrilling experience
science, 09 Jan 2016
Notes from WMCB 2016
A mathematical and computational biology conference
notes, 29 Dec 2015
Lessons for good life
Robert Waldinger's TED Talk
books, 03 Oct 2015
Review: What is Life?
Life from the eyes of a physicist!
science, 15 Sep 2015
A challenging course catalog
A close encounter with neuroscience.
programming, 04 Sep 2015
Getting rid of proxy issues
DigitalOcean droplet, thanks to GitHub.
science, 22 Aug 2015
Protein Knots: A tangled story
My first talk in a Journal Club session
science, 27 Jul 2015
Working with pore forming toxin-2
How the BEST ever internship concluded.
science, 23 May 2015
Working with pore forming toxin-1
An introduction to my research internship
programming, 05 May 2015
WIGI, an inspire grantee
Assessing gender gap on Wikipedia
programming, 18 Apr 2015
Designing a Responsive Blog
Better display and readability across all devices.
science, 08 Apr 2015
research needs funding
Please free research of marketplace thinking.
unfinished, 04 Apr 2015
The importance of reading
Why reading is one thing that can change your life.
science, 04 Apr 2015
Papers per week
One must understand good research to do good research.