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Curated List Of Biology Resources

It always has been a dreaded task for me to study during the examinations. For those who may not be aware of my college's curriculum, may note that we have a mid-semester and an end-semester evaluation exams; one during September and the other in November. However, I appreciate the idea of a more integrated and continuous evaluation schemes where the progress of students and their understanding is continuously being monitored through small, concept based tests, quizzes or other discussions than few life changing exams. Moreover, these require one to divert all their attention exclusively towards the exams, and it's preparation thereby hampering all the other engagements of a student. Regardless, I won't discuss the pros and cons of such a system because I have a more interesting thing to share.

Now while preparing from one of my subjects (Genetics), I noticed that the information about different educational resources in Biology (or Biotechnology) is very much fragmented unlike Computer Science. The knowledge about established textbooks, popular research papers, and other resources is not readily available, and one often has to go through a larger number of searches, forums, and blogs to find some information worth reading. It's not surprising to see different papers which review, collect and organize other tools and resources, getting accepted into prestigious Journals. This effort is enough to show the need to organize the vast amount of content out there in public.

Meanwhile, I came upon this repository on GitHub, which curates a list of awesome-machine-learning frameworks, libraries and software (by language). This project itself was inspired from another project called awesome-php.

This motivated me to attempt a similar collection of biological resources with the help of online community. I don't know if it'd be the best place to end ones' search, but it'd be one of the best places to start with.

The repository is available at vivekiitkgp/awesome-biology. Feel free to send in your suggestions by creating a pull request, opening an issue or dropping me an email (please do). This desperately needs more and more contributers for ensuring visibility, and quality content. Let me know what you think.

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